Murphy likes to hang out with me… All the time

Well, my twice weekly posts so far has already been shot, the past week and a half/two weeks have been one thing after another. My boyfriend (We’ve been together for 5 years and have a daughter together so our finances are combined) broke a tooth, went to the dentist and they wanted 3k to fix his teeth 😦 Money wise, it’s probably best he refused everything because there’s no way we could save up enough money fast enough to fix them. Health wise, I wish he would have just sucked it up and did it. His teeth cause him so many problems I wish he would have been okay with the large price tag.

Neither of our cars are the most “reliable”. Mines a ford focus that has literally been driven into the ground while his is a beat up F150 that he paid 700 bucks for. Well the breaks in the focus are shot. Make horrible grinding noises, I took it into Midas and got quoted $1500. It needs new everything. We priced out the parts and they should be about $200 in parts. One part needs to be pressed or something (I am so not mechanically inclined) that will cost about $100 in labor. We have a friend who’s willing to do it for cheap so we will hopefully have all new front breaks for less than $500.  Considering breaks are a more “routine” repair we SHOULD have the money for it with a sinking fund but since we just started, our sinking funds maybe have enough for the parts. Next month I just have to throw more money towards that.

I am however starting the car buying process, just trying to get the boyfriend on board. We live in a small town and cannot be with out a car. His thing is he would rather pay cash (yay for him following Ramsey principles without even knowing it). Up where we live, people sell their cars for ridiculous prices for junk. I would much rather find and finance a more reliable car for our little family that would last for about $10,000-$15,000. The car payment would be comfortable where we could throw extra at  it every month without it being hard on us financially. Plus the peace of mind it would bring me would be worth 10 times that.

How do you handle your sinking funds? What do you do when there is not enough in the sinking fund to cover what you need?


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